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Simple Lessons from this Holiday Season

“Baby! Baby!”

Earlier, a little girl’s voice, squealing with delight, caught my attention as I rushed to an appointment.

Looking up, I saw a few feet away from me two young girls, one about three years old and the other about two. Both were running excitedly towards their father. He was holding aloft a doll, while a playful smile hovered over his lips.

The doll looks dirty, as if it had been unearthed from a long-forgotten toy box. It was intact, however, with its body clothed in a light pink onesie and its head covered with a matching pink-colored bonnet. The girls couldn’t care less, judging from the gleeful expressions on their faces. Daddy has a toy, and it’s for them!

When they finally got to where he was standing, the girls tried in vain to reach up and get the doll. The playful father waved it briefly over their heads before handing it over to the younger one who had been pleading in earnest, “Baby! Baby!”

I wish I had a camera at the time to capture the expression on the young girl’s face as she tightly hugged the doll. It was pure joy. As for the older sister, she simply looked on, and not once did I hear her whine. Perhaps her innocent heart knew how important it was for her sister to get the doll . . . and to retain the peace between them.

And the father? When I had the chance to look away from the girls and glance at him, he had a look of contentment. “Mission accomplished,” his expression seemed to convey. “I made my little ones happy just in time for Christmas, and that’s more than enough for me.” After a few more minutes, he picked up his younger daughter, held the older one by the hand, and they turned to walk away.

No, I don’t think a camera would’ve helped me capture those ‘lessons’ – simple joy, peace, contentment, sharing – in such a brief moment. Some are better seen and heard and committed to memory.

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