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Writing the Story Within – Part II

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In Writing the Story Within – Part I, the writing steps therein include ideation and drafting. Here are the rest of the steps.


Walking away from the draft

There’s really no such thing in the writing step as “walking away” from the draft. But I noticed it helps to verbalize and even visualize this action because in an age of “let’s get this over with” and send it on its merry way, it is important to set aside your work for a while to give it a new perspective. Notice that when you step away from your workspace and give yourself a break, new ideas come to mind!

“What if I say it this way? What if I move this paragraph right here? No wait, I’ll remove that paragraph altogether!” Those are all your other ideas, waiting in the wings until they can ‘come on stage’ and show you how they can make your piece look much better than the original!

Whenever I’m involved in any creative endeavor, not just writing, I do take a walk. I also run or swim to, literally, give my mind a breather. Many times, it is when I’m away from my workspace that other thoughts come flooding in. When that happens, like you, I find that I couldn’t go back home fast enough to start working again. Which brings me to . . .

Re-writing the draft

The hardest part is over – laying the foundation of your article – now it’s just a matter of making improvements ‘here and there.’ I say that with a bit of humor, but implementing changes could range from simple to complex. From replacing words, to revising or removing a sentence or, worse, taking out a paragraph or two and replacing them with new ones.

Don’t let such challenges discourage you. All your efforts are for your intended readers, I assume. Therefore, give them your best work! Did the words you choose evoke the emotions you want to bring out among your readers? Do the paragraphs flow when you read your piece aloud? Is it long or short enough to contain all the details you wish to convey? Has someone else with an impartial eye seen your work and said, “This is good”?

When all has been said and done . . .

Publish your work.

Make that leap and get it out there. Caveat: it is but natural that some will not take to your story right away or never at all. And that’s fine because it is assumed you wrote your piece for a particular audience.

Remember: to write for everyone is to write for no one.

Once you’ve published your work, give yourself a pat on the back. Look back on your writing journey, from the day a seed of an idea was born, to the days or perhaps weeks that it took you to develop your work, to the day that it made its debut among your readers. Isn’t that something to celebrate about?

Long or short article, it doesn’t matter. Congratulations!

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