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The Heart of a Volunteer

With the kind of schedule – packed – that we lead nowadays, who has time for volunteer work, right?

Some weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a volunteer orientation seminar where, I was informed, many people signed up for. The original number the organizer was expecting ended up with a handful of participants.

On one hand, I couldn’t blame them (those who didn’t make it to the orientation seminar). It was a Saturday, after all, and it was early at that. Second, the venue of the orientation (a school building) is a place people don’t commonly go to. That being said, I can only presume some got lost on their way to the venue.

While it was regrettable that many couldn’t make it, I was proud of those who did show up on that weekend morning. It proves that they have the heart of a volunteer!

Volunteers are committed.

They walk the talk. If they say they’ll do something, expect them to show up and ‘do the work.’ If they’ll be late, and is sincerely so, they’ll find a way to get the message across. Incidentally, some of the participants came from opposite sides of the metro. Now, THAT is commitment!

Volunteers treat ‘volunteer work’ like it’s ‘real work.’

They prepare for it and give their best in whatever activity they choose.

There may be no monetary rewards or recognition in this kind of ‘work,’ but it doesn’t matter. True volunteers know that the real reward comes in knowing they’ve made – or they will make – a positive difference in someone’s life.

Volunteers know that giving back is a responsibility, and they gladly do so.

Listening to the participants and why they want to volunteer, I noticed a common sentiment: the need to balance their careers and free time with some form of community service.

Personally, I also think that because we’ve been blessed with so much, it’s only ‘right’ that we give back to those who don’t have access to the same privileges as many of us do. In fact, sometimes I think that’s our role in life: each of us is given a talent so we can be conduits of God/ the Universe.

Hopefully, this sharing makes you think about sparing even a few hours a month to do a bit of community service or volunteer work. With the number of options we have nowadays, choose an activity or advocacy that you’re passionate about. Doing so will easily take the “work” out of ‘volunteer work.’

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