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“Hindenburg and Titanic – Mail Ships”

By: The Smithsonian National Postal Museum (@postalmuseum)
Link: Hindenburg and Titanic – Mail Ships

Hindenburg was the largest flying post office ever. It provided the first regularly scheduled, entirely by air post service between Europe and North America.

Titanic was the largest floating post office of its day and bore its official status in its name, RMS Titanic—Royal Mail Ship Titanic.

Travelers on both ships enjoyed onboard postal service.


“Biggest Post Office to be Built in Chicago”

By: Modern Mechanix (2008)
Link: Biggest Post Office to be built in Chicago

(The news first came out in August, 1931.)

CHICAGO is to have the largest post office in the world. The fifty-acre, twelve-story building will be completed and ready for occupancy within about a year and a half, according to a recent announcement of the United States Post Office Department. It will be able to care for the 19,000.000 letters a day expected by 1943, in addition to the parcel post packages and newspapers.

“Top Ten Countries With Most Post Office”

Link: Top Ten Countries With Most Post Office (as of 2001)

“USPS Trivia”

By: Strahm Automation & Mailing Services
Link: USPS Trivia

Some facts about US post offices:
– The largest post office: James A. Farley Post Office, New York, NY – 393,000 square feet
– The smallest post office: Ochopee, FL – 61.3 square feet

Click the link to read more interesting facts and figures.

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