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“You never write any more; well, hardly anyone does”

By: Randolph E. Schmid (2011)
Link: You never write any more; well, hardly anyone does

“In the future old ‘love letters’ may not be found in boxes in the attic but rather circulating through the Internet, if people care to look for them,” said Webster Newbold, a professor of English at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind.


“Thanks to electronic communication, letter-writing is a dwindling art”

By: The Patriot-News (2009)
Link: Thanks to electronic communication, letter-writing is a dwindling art

English teachers and stationery vendors acknowledge, anecdotally, what the statistics show: that letter-writing is very nearly, and sadly, a dying art.

In 2007, the U.S. Postal Service delivered 212 billion pieces of mail; in 2008, that number declined to 203 billion, Ray Daiutolo, Sr., spokesman for the Central Pennsylvania region of the U.S. Postal Service, said. This year, the statistics are projected to drop by another 20-23 billion, he added.

“The last post”

By: John Harris (2007)
Link: The Last Post

The ancient skill of letter-writing is dying fast, hurried towards its grave by email, television and, this week, the postal workers’ strike.

“UK letters sent through post at 15 year low”

By: Christopher Hope (2010)
Link: Letters sent through post at 15 year low

Royal Mail said the average daily postbag fell to 68 million, down from 84 million at its peak five years ago.

“Number of US Letters Mailed Each Year”

By: Statistic Brain (2012)
Link: Number of Letters Mailed Each Year

With more and more people using email as their main means of communication, the number of letters mailed through the postal service has continued to decline each year.

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