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Random Thoughts about Pens and Paper

Pens and Pencils
• It’s inconvenient to have to feel the bottom of my bag – or its pockets – for a pen whenever I need to write something down, and yet I do it all the time. Well, most of the time anyway.

• I used to have a collection of novelty pencils and erasers. This was way back in elementary. I don’t know what happened to them, but I know I never used them.

• I still have my first mechanical pencil, a Pentel, which mom gave me when I was in high school. I used it for a long time until I decided to replace it five years ago with a less expensive unit.

• It was also during high school that I received as a gift (from mom again) my first Cross mechanical pencil. Being very negligent then, I kept dropping it. Subsequently, its mechanism failed, prompting me to send it to the Cross service center for repair. The service center couldn’t put it back to its original state so they replaced it with a brand-new pencil.

One would think I was elated, but I was actually depressed for a few days after receiving the replacement. The new mechanical pencil is more expensive than the model I brought in, I was told. Perhaps. But the sentiment that goes with it – that mom gave it to me – was gone.

• I used to have a fascination for tin pencil boxes, probably because we were not allowed to own one as kids. (Tin pencil boxes turn rusty after prolonged exposure to moisture; they’re not suitable for school-going children.) I still feel excited whenever I see tin-inspired cases, but the ones that are manufactured nowadays are no longer as durable as those from yesteryears.

• I’m not fond of airline and hotel ballpoint pens, but from time to time, I end up keeping one or two because they write surprisingly well.

• At my workspace at home, I keep my pens, pencils, and whatnots in a clear plastic container that also holds rulers, scissors and other often used craft tools. Having things in one place makes it easier to find things, don’t you agree?

• I won’t hesitate to use the back of an envelope or a receipt to jot down ideas or lists that suddenly bubbled to the surface!

• When I’m out of the house, I don’t mind requesting for a piece of paper when I don’t have any on me as long as I get to write an elusive or fast-moving thought.

• Ironically, I always have a pen in my bag, but I seldom bring a notebook unless I’m traveling long distance.

• Another irony: I don’t mind breaking open and using a new planner or journal, yet I quibble about using colorful notepads, especially those with pretty designs! (I know it’s weird, right? Isn’t that what notepads are for?)

• There was a time I used to collect notebooks and planners from Starbucks, but then I stopped. It dawned on me – once and for all – that it’s not the form that’s important, but the contents. Admittedly, my current planner is from Starbucks, but it’s a gift, and it’s not as ‘populated’ compared to my more whimsical personal journal which I really like!

• Unless I don’t have a choice, I prefer journals with a soft ‘spine’ (you know, it easily lies flat on its back when opened) compared to those that are hard-bound like a book. True, the latter offers more protection, but with the former, I find it easier to write over the middle that separates the two sections.

I think these random thoughts will do for now. Do you have anything similar to share?


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