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My Current Source of Inspiration for Illustrations

Title: Pictures in the Post: The illustrated letters of Sir Henry Thornill to his grandchildren
Edited by: Michael Baker

I purchased this coffee table book from a bookshop that sells books in various forms of state: new, used, overruns, and so on. This particular copy is used; its jacket is torn in places. I decided to buy it, just the same, for inspiration.

I’m the kind of letter writer whose imagination is limited by what she has on hand: rubber stamps, decorative tape, and stickers, among others. I used to draw when I was much younger, and then it was totally forgotten when I pursued communication – and not fine – arts in college.

Sir Henry’s illustrated mails to his grandchildren are like little works of art! I hope I can do the same to the letters and cards I send to the young, and even not-so-young, people in my life.

"Pictures in the Post" (front cover)

“Pictures in the Post” (front cover)

"Pictures in the Post" (back cover)

“Pictures in the Post” (back cover)

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