If I were to teach a basic beading workshop – Part III

2016 - Book thongs for Yayo Torres (13 January)(4)

If I were to teach a basic beading workshop, these are SOME of the tips and reminders I’ll share with participants – Part III (of 3)

On being patient

I’ll skip the part on what tools to use because regardless of what we invest on, this form of hobby is hard on the hands. Not even those with “ergonomic handle” and “double leaf spring for smooth operation”  will spare you from the eventual callouses that will result from cutting, bending, twisting, and turning, among others.

I taught really basic beading class to a group of ladies a couple of years ago. On both occasions, they all exclaimed, “This is harder than I thought!” And I was just showing them how to close the loop of a pin head.

If you will take this up as a form of hobby and are serious about it, the first tool I will recommend is “patience.” Keep lots of it on hand because even a simple pair of earrings can take a while to create, especially if one is a beginner.

Once you put “patience” at the top of the checklist, you can now proceed to invest on pliers, cutters, and other tools you have in mind. It can be tempting to buy a lot, but investing on the basics will do for now.

Have a project in mind you’d like to start on this summer? Good luck and have fun!

Disclaimer: I am by no means an authority on this hobby. In fact, I’ve an on again-off again affair with beading ever since I started nearly 10 years ago. But because I’m forever in “startup mode,” I keep discovering things that I wouldn’t have paid attention to years ago because I was focused on just “getting it done.”

Paying attention to what materials are made of is just as important, but I can’t recall ever hearing these tips from the workshops I attended in the past. Hence, I’m sharing them here.


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