If I were to teach a basic beading workshop – Part II

2016 - Book thongs for Yayo Torres (13 January)(2)

If I were to teach a basic beading workshop, these are SOME of the tips and reminders I’ll share with participants – Part II (of 3)

On components

On using components such as head pins, eye pins, and the like: they’re not necessarily of the same quality. Once inside a packet, it’s hard to tell if they’ll be too inflexible/ hard and subsequently, unsuitable for a design you have in mind. It takes some trial and error, depending on your source, to determine what head pin will work well with, for example, a Swarovski crystal. I should know; I’ve broken a couple – maybe more – of those when I was just starting out years ago!

And what of components that are more pliable, easier on the hands? Are they any better? Again, it depends on your source. Some will ‘handle’ better until you take the tools to them. Some will peel and flake, and others of substandard quality will feel ‘rough’ in the hands once bent, twisted, coiled, and so on.

Lessons then: be patient when buying components such as those mentioned above. To be on the safe side, and if you’re just starting out, buy small packets of each (e.g. head pins, eye pins, jump rings) to determine if they’re of good quality. If you’re satisfied, keep calm and bead on.


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