If I were to teach a basic beading workshop – Part I

2016 - Book thongs for Yayo Torres (13 January)(1)

If I were to teach a basic beading workshop, these are SOME of the tips and reminders I’ll share with participants – Part I (of 3)

On beads

Not all beads are the same. That’s pretty obvious, right? After all, one can easily tell a metal ball bead from a plastic one. But even plastic beads are made of different materials. Some have more sheen/ luster while others don’t.

But just because a bead is shiny, it doesn’t mean it’s better or that it’s easier to handle. From experience, pretty-to-look-at beads such as Swarovski crystals, Class A crystals, and similarly lustrous materials are prone to chipping or, worse, breaking apart. If you really want to use them for your projects, use a light hand.

If you shy away from plastic beads thinking they look inexpensive and inferior, shy away no more. There’s now a broad range to choose from. Some even look better and much easier to handle than those I mentioned above. A personal trick I use is to choose ‘rich’ or deep colors or a range of pastel shades that look good together. The former are perfect for accessories that need livening up, while the latter can be used as accents or to help soften deep-colored materials.


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