Today’s take-away from swim class: “Kick harder.”

Three sessions ago, our swim instructor introduced a new lesson: the butterfly stroke. Depending on one’s perspective, it’s a challenge you either welcome or avoid.

I’ve always had ambivalent feelings toward the butterfly stroke. On one hand, the movements demonstrate strength and grace, and though I’m left awe-inspired, it also makes me wonder, “Can I do that?” and sometimes, “Can I STILL do that?”

Our instructor often reminds me, “Don’t say you don’t like something until you’ve tried it.” and “Don’t say you can’t do it until you’ve put in enough hours to make it work.” He’s right on both counts.

I used to dislike freestyle because of a bad experience when we were first learning to swim many years ago. Now, I prefer that over backstroke, which I used to enjoy.

Similarly, I thought I’ll never get my breast stroke right. In the beginning, I was always sinking. Our instructor observed I have to put more strength in my kicks so I can glide farther and stay afloat longer. After many hours of practice in between classes, I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Practicing the butterfly stroke makes me feel like I’m a banana trying to get from point A to B. Sounds funny, but it’s true. Those who use this technique or are familiar with it know that you sort of bend at the waist before you kick both feet in the water. Since I started late in life learning how to do this, I admit bending at the waist isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Our instructor, ever so patient (and diplomatic), noted today that I’ve improved, but I have to use more force. In particular, he said, “You have to kick harder because that’s what will propel you forward.”

After several more attempts by this “banana getting from point A to B,” I feel less of the fruit and more of a seal pup trying to catch up with its mom and siblings as they swim deeper into the ocean. In short, upon following his advice, I began inching forward because of the effort I put into the kicks and the arm pulls.

Going home, Paul’s “kick harder” advice kept circling my mind. I realized it’s because it’s the same principle we apply whenever we want to achieve success or a goal. Want more sales . . . need more clients . . . want to be a better chef . . .? Kick harder or simply put:

Show up, do the work, exert more effort, focus on the quality of your output, learn from others, be grateful, and stay optimistic.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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