Random Thoughts: Paper and Pen Journal Writing vs. Blog Writing

I’m back in the WordPress community, feeling quite sorry for myself for not being more consistent with my online writing. I can blame a number of things, but really . . . the only one to blame is myself. I don’t keep a strict enough schedule that includes “blog writing” in my list of must-do’s.

Or should I?

I do will myself to carve time for my paper-and-pen journal writing, though. In fact, it’s as updated as can be, complete with photos and ephemera. When your week is filled with creating, managing, and updating information online like mine is, don’t you have an urge to get off the digital highway and handle something else other than a smartphone, tablet, or laptop? I do.

I’ve had this journal for over a year. It’s beginning to look like a scrapbook, what with the photos and ephemera within.

I think despite the generation we live in right now, where information and data can be freely mined on the world wide web, where communication tools (such as those I mentioned above) enable almost anyone to generate information or be a writer, humans will always yearn for something to touch, hold on to, and control – like pen and paper.

I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s something comforting about the way my hand glides over paper and how I can take my time going over the loops of letters. I don’t even mind when the calligraphy ink I use for practice smells a bit ‘musty.’ The overall experience just feels more natural.

Digital is the way to go, no doubt about that, but there’s no need to feel bad (like I do) if we’re not as active on it as “we should.” The latter only comes to play if these tools and apps are part of work. Otherwise, enjoy the moment tracking your memories in what comes more natural to many of us: reaching out for pen and paper.

Your thoughts?


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