Random Thoughts: Of Cupcakes and Contentment

Cherries and icing on cupcakes are nice to have, but we can do without them. (Source: Inmagine.com)

Cherries and icing on cupcakes are nice to have, but we can do without them. (Source: Inmagine.com)

On my way to work today, I got to think of this:

If a cupcake doesn’t have a cherry on top, would I still eat it? The answer is “yes” because cherries are just add-ons and therefore, they won’t make much of a difference if they’re there or not. Same thing with icing: if a cupcake doesn’t have it, will I still eat the sweet treat? The answer is still “yes” as long as the cupcake is of good quality. Meaning, it’s not stale, not too sweet or bland, not too buttery, and so on.

What made me think of cupcakes so early in the morning? Good question. I was turning in my head the concept of “being content.” What does it take to feel contented nowadays, considering there are so many distractions beseeching our attention, convincing us that we must have them in order to be satisfied or complete?

Personally, I don’t think it’s a new gadget or car; those things don’t last. And even before you’ve gotten accustomed to the new playthings, a better model comes along!

Well then, is it more clothes or friends (regardless of whether they’re real or online)? Is it more money or a better job? Fashion and friends come and go; that’s reality. Adapt and move on.

As for money, well, there will “never be enough” of it since at every turn, there seems to be something we have to pay for: college tuition, mortgage, medical bills, groceries, utilities, and the list goes on. “Better jobs” are subjective and is a whole post in itself. If I were to make a comment, though, I have to admit that a job that utilizes my skills and allows me to grow is ideal.

I digress. The point of this rambling is that it helps to reflect on and repeat to ourselves every so often the true meaning of being contented: as long as we have the basics – food, water, shelter – and the support of family, friends, and community, we should be all right. If you’re happy within, given and grateful for the resources that you have, that attitude is enough to see you through life’s ups and especially downs.

It has been proven repeatedly that there’s usually no need for external factors, especially those that we have to spend big-time for, to make us feel contented. Like the cherry and icing on a cupcake, they’re nice to have – I’d be the first to agree – but we can do without them, too.


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