A Single Shares Her Thoughts on a Sunny Sunday


Be the best version of yourself (Image source: Inmagine.com)

I’m sure there are many blogs out there regarding how to cope as a single person. Each blog – and the person behind it – has a unique story to tell. Really! After all, each individual is an exclusive edition, and so even if the experiences we’re going through seem the same, the way we look at things and the insights we derive from each experience will always be different from one another.

I’ve been single for many years now; I’m not even “coupled” in any way. (Have I ever mentioned this before?) Yes, there are “highs” and “lows” in being one, but in hindsight, I think there are more “highs”:
Just like everyone else, I look forward to weekends because I can’t wait to go through my list of “want-to-do.” (I don’t necessarily put my life on hold during weekdays. It just so happens there’s more bandwidth to do more of the things we like during weekends.)
My circle of friends and contacts consists of people with varying ages and backgrounds. I love learning from all of them!
Life has too much to offer that there are times, I can’t figure out what I want to be “when I grow up.”

Personally, I think that’s the biggest advantage of being single: you have the opportunity to be whoever you want, and more importantly, whatever God (or the Universe, if you will) had planned you to be.

Being single is a privilege to grow into the best version of yourself. Who would want to say “no” to an opportunity like that?

Stay happy!


4 responses

  1. You’re so right! I think being single gives people a new perspective in life and it has definitely brought me closer to the Lord. Good for you!


    1. Glad you agree, and thank you for reading, Amanda. Cheers to singles everywhere! Have a great week ahead!


  2. Thanks for the reminder – so many folks in the pen/paper/related blog world seem to be either paired off and/or pursuing a degree full time. It sometimes seems that not being involved in either endeavour prompts many to regard us as “lacking” in some way 😦


    1. Thank you for reading, Millicent. Hmm, from what I’ve been told, those who are ‘paired off’ don’t necessarily mean they’re contented either. This topic requires a lengthy discussion in itself. Let’s put that thought aside for now. Singles are not “lacking” at all. Each is brimming with potential! Now go reach for that star! 🙂


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