How to Hang a Picture Frame

There are so many resources on the Internet on how to hang a picture frame that this post shouldn’t even be here. I want to take note of it, though, so that someday, I can look back and say, “I did that?”

Credit: I got the idea to use “Velcro Removable Picture Hangers” from a friend who also loves DIY projects. Thank you!

Tools and materials needed:
• Velcro Removable Picture Hangers – Make sure you choose the product that matches the weight of the item you’ll be hanging.
• Level or what I call a level bar
• Ruler, pencil

Stanley 'Torpedo' Level

Stanley ‘Torpedo’ Level

How I did it:
• Position the frame where you want it to hang. Mark key points on the wall using your ruler and pencil.
• Position the Velcro strips on your frame as you would when you’re using regular hooks.
• Note: the Velcro strips and their matching soft sides are not the same size. What I did was, after cutting the strip to the desired size, I stuck it onto the soft side (which is slightly bigger all around) and cut that to match the length and width of the hook and loop.
• After putting the Velcro strips and matching sticky backs in place, go back to the spot on the wall that you had marked. Place the frame on that spot.
• Sometimes, you can eyeball if the item is at the right height and won’t be hanging at an awkward angle. If you don’t trust estimates (or “guess-timates,” as some would say), use the level. The bubble moving to the left and right of the vial will help ensure your picture frame – or whatever it is that you’re planning to hang – will end up exactly how you had envisioned it to be!
• Once you’re satisfied, remove the protective coverings on the sticky backs and firmly press the frame against the wall. Remove the frame again by moving it up and away. (That’s what the instructions on the package say.)
• Initially placing the frame on the wall is meant to help you ‘mark’ the soft-side backs. Now that they’re ‘exposed,’ cover them with a small piece of paper and run your fingers over them to make them adhere better.
• Wait for at least an hour before re-attaching the picture frame with the Velcro strips to the soft-side backs. Use the level again if needed.
• Enjoy your handiwork!

End result (1): Frame with clips

End result (1): Frame with clips

End result (2): Frame with unvarnished wood

End result (2): Frame with unvarnished wood

Admission: it took me two hours to put up two ‘frames’ on the wall because I’m a slow simmer kind of DIY person. I don’t mind lingering over steps because for me, they’re just as enjoyable as the end result. I’d much rather take things slowly than regret that I rushed through a project.


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