A Closer Look at the Nokia Asha 206

First released: Q4 2012

Last month, mom lost her mobile phone so I volunteered to buy a new handset. I initially sought help online using words like “ideal handsets for seniors.” The phone models that turned up fit the “ideal” part, but I want handsets that are fashionable, as well.

It was then that I decided to go to a mall and look at actual mobile phones. Let’s see . . . I need something with a big screen and with a large font type. The phone need not have bells and whistles and apps that mom will not use anyway. But it should still look pretty, and it should feel nice in the hands when in use.

Too demanding? Does such a phone exist at all? Incredibly, yes! Have a look at the Nokia Asha 206, a basic phone with not-so-basic features.

First of all, it has a large and colorful screen (2.4 inches). The font size has three settings. The menu can be viewed in single icons, as a list, or in a grid with labels.

I’m “borrowing” this image from the Internet (pcpractic.rs)

The keypad has a rather weak backlight, in my opinion, but I think it will become more prominent if the phone is used under really minimal lighting . . . like a movie house. The volume can easily be adjusted to a level that’s comfortable for the user.

Don’t let the phone’s slim body deceive you. The Nokia Asha 206 has a Bluetooth. You can surf the ‘net if you want and it’s Facebook-ready.

I think the phone’s coolest feature, however, is the radio. Seriously, this phone that looks like a colorful candy bar has one! I use a Blackberry and an old Motorola Razr neither of which carries a tune that makes me want to break into a song.

For the sophisticated set used to smartphones and phones that take you out of this world (hint: Galaxy), do give the Asha 206 some thought. It’s the handset you’ll want in your pocket or hands when you want something basic yet delivers in style!

Note to mom: Hope you like your new phone!


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