Honoring Work and the Path We Choose

The entry below was first written in 4 October 2010. I remember smiling and gasping in surprise when I discovered it tucked in my personal laptop’s folder last weekend.

I can’t remember uploading it in my other blog at the time. Even if I did, many things have happened since then. My priorities have changed. Working – in itself – is no longer as important as looking for that balance between work and personal (inclusive of family and friends) time.


I have been going home late since last week in preparation for a project that was launched today. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get myself out of the door before 7:00 p.m.

With the launch finally over, one would think I rewarded myself with a little time-out by going home early today. Nothing like that happened. In fact, I went back to the project to see if there’s anything I missed or that needs correcting or improvement. Not contented with that, I tackled one more must-do on my list as if there’s no tomorrow before I finally called it a day. At 7:00 p.m.

Some people would call me “insane.” Others, a workaholic. Well-meaning friends who worry never tire of saying, “Don’t drive yourself too hard.” But it’s nearly impossible to give less than the best of yourself if you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

A colleague who saw me at work today had said she admires the passion I have for what I do. In the same breath she added, “But you don’t have a life anymore.”

I smiled when she said that. After all, “life” means different things to different kinds of working people. I’m the type who looks forward to going home after a long day so I could lose myself in my favorite television program or a book.

Agree, it’s not an “exciting” life, what with malls constantly beckoning commuters after office hours to explore the myriad shops within. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is whether at work or beyond it, we’re contented with the path we’ve chosen for ourselves.

Image from Inmagine.com - Desk in office

Image from Inmagine.com – Desk in office


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