“Dental Chair Wisdom”

“You have to look for something that you’re interested in.”

That’s my dentist giving me advice for someone who needs to hear it.

We got to talking about passions and hobbies when I confided to her that someone I know is feeling depressed because that person thinks there’s nothing else for him/ her to look forward to. My dentist, a practical woman who ought to be a psychiatrist too, paused from what she was doing and said wisely, “But there are so many things nowadays that one can do to keep himself/ herself preoccupied! You just have to choose an activity that makes you happy!”

It also helps to have a support system, she added. Being with people who think alike and are the same age as you are will help you realize what you’re going through is perfectly normal. Hopefully, hearing how others cope will give you ideas how to move forward and keep the blues away.

I’m not the most eager patient to show up at appointments, but “dental chair wisdom” like the above-mentioned always makes my trips worth it.

Image from Inmagine.com - retro dental chair

Image from Inmagine.com – retro dental chair


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