Advice from a friend: Say “yes” to that good thing.

Very recently, I discovered a draft (probably written in 2011) wherein the contents were lifted from a Google Chat conversation with a friend. We were talking about how she transitioned to a new career.

Her advice is classic! I hope you find it as useful as I do.

“Just find your way first and be sure of what you want. I always believe that it is never too late. Never put a cap on things because doing so will just make you fixated on the idea that you can never, ever do the things you want.

What I learned is this: just say “yes” to that good thing. Take the plunge no matter how scary it is and things will just follow.

Image from - Dive into the sea

Image from – Dive into the sea

Believe you me. You will be truly amazed. God provides and makes miracles happen!”


2 responses

  1. Good advice! It would be difficult to live with a ‘what if ‘ if you never try something new. Thanks for sharing this. ~~~Vickie


    1. Happy to share the learning. Have a great week! 🙂


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