Ode to a Not-So-Ordinary Phone

I’m all for smart gadgets, but I still don’t know what I’d do when my old, but reliable @Motorola MotoRazr2 V9 finally says “goodbye.” Lately, I find myself charging it every day whereas before, it would happily stay charged for at least two days . . . granted I don’t use it for anything else but sending text messages.

Why feel so attached to an old phone, you might ask. Simple: it happily took ALL the photos I needed when I was in Tokyo nearly three years ago (samples here). The images are unbelievably clear. That’s nine days’ worth of photos, with at least 40 images taken each day. That’s a paltry number compared to what a digital camera can do, but that’s still a lot for a small – albeit powerful – phone.

The Razr2 V9 recorded many events for me during that trip, including two weddings: one traditional and one modern. A handy video recorder could easily do the same thing and even provide a high-definition output. But my phone carried on like a faithful companion who understands what a tourist-on-a-budget needs.

Unless I find a battery that can replace the current one, I’ll have to prepare for the inevitable: to scout for a new phone that can do what the Razr2 V9 can.

Personally, it could be a tough act to follow.

Not my actual phone, but the color and features are the same. Mine’s showing age, too.

Not my actual phone, but the color and features are the same. Mine’s showing age, too.


2 responses

  1. I understand. I have a rather “vintage” Motorola that I like precisely because it doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles”. It has continued to serve me due to the big E (Ebay). Have you checked to see what batteries and complete phones are up for grabs there?


    1. Hi millicent, thank you for the comment. To be honest, I haven’t checked Ebay yet, but thank you for the lead.

      Incidentally, what kind of “vintage” Moto do you own? 🙂 What makes it a keeper as far as you’re concerned?

      Have a great day!


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