See the Possibilities In Mistakes

I didn’t realize I missed craft-painting so much until I had a playdate recently with my older nephew. At 4 years old, he’s at that stage where he enjoys drawing, painting, rubber stamping . . . any activity that will allow him to express his creativity in color.

What I admire most about my nephew is that for him, there are no mistakes when we draw. A “wrong” line or curve can quickly be turned into a nose or a pair of eyes or even a rainbow. The boy sees possibilities where I, the adult, see only gaffes.

Another thing I noticed is that he doesn’t really follow a formula as to how to fill up a huge piece of paper with images. He just takes his brush and paints or draws away. When one corner of the paper has been filled in, he simply moves to another corner and then space and before we know it, the whole paper – now filled with lines and swirls and hearts and circles – has turned into a mural.

It’s too bad I was too quick in folding our artwork and throwing it away. (There’s the “efficient” adult again.) I should’ve taken a picture to remind me that sometimes it’s okay:
To make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up for being careless. Just move on and start again.
Not to be so ‘logical’ when completing a project. It doesn’t always have to start at step 1. The important thing is to have fun.

We did, and I’ll make sure to take pictures next time.


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