Sewing on Paper

While fixing my hobby cabinet recently, I discovered an old copy (Winter 2005) of “Paper Made Easy.” I”m not sure if the title is still in circulation, but I’m glad this issue turned up because it contains basic instructions on how to sew on paper. It’s a technique I’ve always wanted to try, though I’ve yet to find a project for it.
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You’ve torn it, layered it, punched it, stamped it, but have you tried sewing on paper? Using brightly colored thread and decorative stitches, you can add borders and other designs to paper projects with a regular sewing machine. Here are some things to keep in mind when experimenting with this exciting technique:

• Use card stock or heavy paper for starters. Move on to more delicate papers, like vellum, after you’re more comfortable with the technique.
• Practice first, without the thread. Sketch lines and shapes on paper and practice moving along them to get used to the feel of sewing on paper instead of fabric.
• Begin slowly and sew slowly. No need to rush.
• Use a small, sharp needle such as a size 9.
• Loosen tension slightly and use long stitches.
• Do not anchor or knot thread. Instead, leave a long length and tape at the back or simply cut and leave as is. Stitching will not unravel easily.
• Don’t sew through more than three paper layers at a time.
• Try sewing ribbon, die cuts, or other thin embellishments to paper.
• Try using metallic or other decorative threads.

Source: Paper Made Easy, Winter 2005 (Amos Craft Publishing)


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