Handmade letter envelopes (2011)

Handmade envelopes (2011)

These are some of the envelopes I made for the tokens I sent for 2011 Valentine’s Day. The envelopes were constructed using magazine pages and covers.

I remember sending about 20 of these and going through many magazine issues to come up with enough Valentine-themed sheets of paper.

For those who would like to make something similar, it is advised that you use thick magazine pages or the covers themselves. Most magazines have thin paper. They’re likely to tear easily if they’ll be traveling long distances such as overseas.


3 responses

  1. I love these!! You should make a tutorial on how to make them. I have always wanted to make my own envelopes!


    1. Thank you, Shannan. And thank you for the great idea about making a tutorial. At the risk of “sounding” lazy, there are many on the Internet that can teach us how to make these envelopes. At the same time, since I made a batch of these, I think I can still reel off my head the steps on how I did it. I’ll let you know. Thank you again for the generous comment.


      1. Very true! I have seen them online before. Don’t feel like you need to make one πŸ™‚


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