“Filmmakers Dust Off Hidden World of Typewriters”

By: Joshua Philipp (@JoshJPhilipp, 2011)
Link: Filmmakers Dust Off Hidden World of Typewriters

Everyone has their reasons for turning to the old fashioned machines. Some writers use them because there are no distractions—no e-mail, no chatting on Facebook and Twitter. “A lot of people have told us it’s about slowing down,” Nicholson* said. “It’s simple. It does one thing: it types.”

Others just enjoy the feel of a typewriter. “They like the feel of the paper, and the smell of the ink, and that ‘tap, tap, tap,’” Nicholson said, adding that many writers believe the loud tap of a typewriter “gets their creative juices flowing, and without that they wouldn’t be able to really write.”

*Gary Nicholson, Documentary Filmmaker


2 responses

  1. That’s all true! Personally, I love the sound it makes and the “ding!” when I hit the end of a line. Plus, your letter just looks cool!


    1. Keyboard strokes have a certain “reassuring” clatter to them, but they can never replace the typewriter’s “ding.” And while some may complain about the mess that ink ribbons leave behind, precisely it is this “mess” that makes the letter more authentic and, as you say, “cool!” 🙂 Thank you for your comment! Have a great weekend, Shannan!


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